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Rafał Krzychowiec

I'm a student of composition in Academy of Music in Gdańsk. I’ve been playing the violin for 12 years and composing for over 7 years. I would like to share my emotions with other people. I’m trying to tell a story encouraging to reflections. I’m also trying to say „Stop and wait for a while”. My music is about things unclear and left unsaid. It’s more about divine matters than human matters. I’m fascinated by the Universe, end of the World, Christ and His living.

Jerome Freeman Project

The Jerome Freeman Project is a band that was formed with a notion that music is expression and should not be labeled. So with that in mind, we pretty much record and play whatever comes to mind. Residing in NJ, there have been a few self released albums. The first release was a basement tapes type of recording that was 30 song collection called "Places to Visit", there was a shorter release of 10 select tracks that was also released. Following that release was a demo of 6 tracks on the "Northeast by Southwest" Demo which has the heart felt "She Heard him Snap" as well as the sample heavy dance track "pushed you out". The "Kingdom in Ransom" Release highlighted the song Alexander the Great which debuted the first time Steve played all instruments recorded including Drums, even though the recording quality was subpar, there is a certain charm to the track. Following with the first album recorded with more than a 4 track studio, "Nice To Meet You" has the acoustic version of "Tonight" and the ever catchy "Moving To Canada". Also the punchy "Untitled" and the catchy "Lost" tracks are fan favorites. The Most recent release is the "Insert Title Here" demo, the tracks included in this collection have a range with some more acoustic tunes and even adding a classic country-ish song in Favorite Stain. "Emily" is the highlight here along with the first cover song recorded by the band, the Blake Babies "Girl in a Box". The group is currently recording a new release that is slated to be completed by the end of this year.




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NoSak comes from the Red Stick in LA, where a great variety of music is present. NoSak incorporates all varieties of music into his original singles and sets, and is one of the premier rising DJ's located. NoSak combines all aspects of classic EDM technique, bu at the same time gives EDM a new, refreshing feeling. NoSak music is unique to his own style, this style being a combination of all genres. From House to Jazz, Glitch Hop to Complextro, there's a NoSak song for you to always listen to, and make you come back for more. -new tracks being uploaded, check here for all new songs https://soundcloud.com/nosak-2



Wormhole Racing

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Don't Stop

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Vasco Moreira is Gritali, musician and Portuguese composer, who in their music work is based on the electric guitar his main instrument. Although not like to sing ... also sings ... it never found a singer in your group of friends to do so. Vasco M.Gritali was born on March 8, 1978 in Casteloes de Cepeda and lives in Recarei (Paredes). It is in Recarei that rehearses, records, teaches guitar and drums as well. Since the beginning of the first band created in 1993 Frangos Da Estrumeira. In 1999 decides to follow with a more serious project Gritali name, or even Gritali & Os Tratantes http://www.gritali.blogs.sapo.pt  which covers various genres like rock or even intrumentais songs recorded with a guitar on several tracks . Single sound style regarded by other musicians. He is the creator and most visited blog administrator of Portuguese music (and some international) in Portugal: http://www.bmp-zagatiprod.blogspot.com Vasco Moreira Gritali has several musicians as influences and varied types of bands. From an early age (even before entering elementary school) began to hear Status Quo and Rolling Stones tape that the brothers had at home. Also the brothers liked music, in which some had radio programs in the former radio Recarei, the era of pirate radio stations in Portugal. At 14 he learned to play the first guitar chords with his brother Dinis. Dinis attended the Jazz School of Porto, composer and also a big influence on Vasco M.Gritali take seriously the life of guitarist and composer. The Conductor, composer and pianist Antonio Vitorino D'Almeida encouraged Vasco Moreira Gritali to create classical music, if only occasionally. For the Vasco composition methods are similar to those composers who Vitorino D'Almeida hears and plays the piano. Vitorino D'Almeida is a renowned pianist Portuguese, has been jury of various programs / TV contests and has also been conductor of the Orchestra Vienna Austria, from a great musical curriculum. Luis Jardim was also one of the musicians who "forced" to play Vasco Gritali life mainly recorded songs with three guitars. Luis Jardim is a musician and Portuguese producer who has performed with many, many musicians such as the Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Sting, Tina Turner, among others. http://gritali.blogs.sapo.pt http://www.reverbnation.com/gritali


i'm not really a serious musician, i just create for fun only. I think i'm pretty good, and if i didn't have a learning disability and really tried harder, i could create something better, but i'm happy with what i can do and that's what matters. i hope you guys enjoy my music as much as i do.



summernight dreams

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cultures from the pages

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