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Dylan Drake

Dream-folk artist from Wilmington, NC. Inspired by a range of musicians from Elliot Smith to Thomas Newman.

Hazem Tarek

I'm a 19 year old musician. I started off at the age of 10 playing guitar and things gradually evolved and now I'm very much into making music on various software, sometimes with some additional guitar touches of my own. My music is basically very much experimental, I love trying different things together so I haven't really been able to decide upon my genre. I have a SoundCloud and BandCamp pages where you can download and/or purchase my music. I've also had my EP Beautiful Pandemonium released a while ago, so it would be great if you give it a listen and show further support if you want :). Recently, I've been pretty much into remixing so that's the scope I'm kinda working through right now. SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/hazem-tarek-5 BandCamp: https://hazem4.bandcamp.com



Captivated Rampage

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Алексей и Елена Бочаровы - Песни и музыка для души

About us Bocharov - collaborators. With his wife, Elena Bocharova, the author and his music and music for our songs (I'm a poet, a poet - songwriter) tried to create a melodious and meaningful product: music, pop songs and modern romance. According to a broad audience of our listeners, our songs and music "written by the soul and for the soul, forced to think and empathize, rejoice and grieve ...". And we are all very grateful! Some modern producers, artists and studios, chasing after money, the so-called "format", and basically just an alien tradition of our musical culture, losing the most important songs and music - the soul ... The song - she's even a song to sing soul! Life - it's the music. The white keys - love and happiness, and black - and sadness - and they are all close by. To hear the live music of life, and those we touch, and the ... Melody raises us above the ground, leads him into the unseen distance, we plunge with her into the depths of life. It is understandable for all language draws the imagination vivid and sometimes have long half-forgotten, dear and close to the concerns of our images ... When good music and good poetry still happy, "love", find each other - our souls will touch every sound, every note and every word - that is harmony ... ("Thoughts and aphorisms about life" - Alexey Bocharov). GLAD, we are visiting our "Visiting", and I hope not to lose time in vain - welcome and success, dear friends! (All of our product - it offers producers and performers). Все песни, музыка и клипы на одном из наших ресурсов: http://www.realmusic.ru/alecsej_bocharov/music/ http://www.realmusic.ru/alecsej_bocharov/video/ ============================================================================== О нас, Бочаровых - соавторах. С супругой, Еленой Бочаровой, автором и своей музыки и музыки для наших песен (я поэт, поэт – песенник) стараемся создавать мелодичные и содержательные произведения: музыку, эстрадные песни и современный романс. По мнению широкой аудитории наших слушателей, наши песни и музыка «написаны душой и для души, заставляют размышлять и сопереживать, радоваться и грустить...». И мы всем искренне благодарны! Некоторые современные продюсеры, исполнители и студии, гонясь за деньгами, за так называемым «форматом», причем, в основном, просто чуждым традициям нашей музыкальной культуры, теряют самое важное в песнях и музыке – душу... Песня - она на то и песня, чтобы ее пели душой! Жизнь – это музыка. Белые клавиши - любовь и счастье, а чёрные – горе и печаль – и все они рядом. Чтобы услышать живую музыку жизни, мы касаемся и тех, и тех... Мелодия поднимает нас над землей, уводит за собой в невиданные дали, мы погружаемся с ней в самую глубину жизни. Она, понятным для всех языком, рисует воображению яркие, а иногда уже давно подзабытые, дорогие и близкие, волнующие нас образы… Когда хорошая музыка и хорошие стихи еще и счастливо, «по любви», находят друг друга - нашу душу тронет каждый звук, каждая нотка и каждое слово - что и есть гармония... («Мысли и афоризмы о жизни» - Алексей Бочаров). РАДЫ, ЧТО ЗАГЛЯНУЛИ К НАМ «В ГОСТИ» И НАДЕЮСЬ, ЧТО НЕ ПОТЕРЯЛИ ВРЕМЯ ЗРЯ - ДОБРА И ТВОРЧЕСКИХ УСПЕХОВ ВАМ, ДОРОГИЕ ДРУЗЬЯ! (Наши произведения - это предложения продюсерам и исполнителям). Все песни, музыка и клипы на одном из наших ресурсов: http://www.realmusic.ru/alecsej_bocharov/music/ http://www.realmusic.ru/alecsej_bocharov/video/


Hi everyone - Down load your favorite original independent artists music for free while you still are allowed to, worldwide internet censorship and regulations will be going into effect soon. The target is any original culture, especially everyone's Original Music. Thanks for all the likes - 500 individual facebook page likes in one week from around this universe! So we uploaded more songs. Can we get some more likes? We really appreciate all the downloads and positive feed back, it would be nice to see some reviews. Please continue to freely share your favorite original and independent music on sites like this with your friends.



I Don't Mind

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Not Close to Right

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I Know You Will

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Russell Tasker

Hi, thanks for dropping by. My instrument of choice is the guitar, both acoustic and electric. One of my joys in life is to write original music, especially music for the guitar. "Now But Not Yet..." is a compilation of twelve musical portraits that I have created. Hope you enjoy them - Russell For music notation and tablature for these tracks go to www.taskermusic.blogspot.com.au To purchase high quality versions go to https://russelltasker.bandcamp.com




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