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Richard Havstein Melkersen

Hi! My name is Richard Havstein and is 22 years old. I have been interested in composing for nearly 10 years and has composed a bunch of songs. A lot of them I dont feel like sharing, but some of them are worthy to be listened to. I use the music program FL Studio 11 + a lot soundlibraries like EWQL Symphonic Orchestra, EWQL Hollywood strings, PoiZone and Pianoteq III. The reason I started out with soundcloud ( was to distribute my music out there, get some feedback and improve further as a composer. was that I wanted to share my music with others and hopefully be able spread some joy and light. What good is it for if I dont share the blessings i have gotten..

Marcos Vaz

I'm currently studying musical composition at the Federal University of Espírito Santo. I like to improvise. Most songs posted here are improvisations made ​​before the start of my studies. https://soundcloud.com/montanhes http://www.marcosmontanhes.xpg.com.br/ https://www.facebook.com/montanhes http://iching.url.ph/



Suspiro de Pedra

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Água Luzia

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Freaky Frankenstein

Freaky Frankenstein is equals parts hip-hop and vintage. A mixture of 808s and perfectly aged melodies comprises most of FFs current catalog. Described as, "The strange, esoteric offspring of Experimental/Hip-Hop, pulling ideas from eras dominated by corruption, fedoras, and pistols; leaving you feeling as though you are in fact, or have been, sent spiraling through decades past. We just call it Music. You call it Freaky.

Mayday Tuesday

I am a 22 year old singer-songwriter from the UK. I think you will find my music relaxing and interesting. I believe that my best song is 'Above The Skies'. Give me a listen?



Favourite Scenes

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Above The Skies

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Over time

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Elger Heath

Hi. My name is Elger Heath and I'm an amateur singer. I play a mean (and by mean I'd say crude) acoustic guitar and have since I was 12. I like to play Country, Bluegrass, Old-time Dance, Folk & Ba-lid Rock. I do my recording on my P.C. using some somewhat dated software And I've just upgraded to a Yeti microphone. Not much more I can say except I hope my music will do my talking for me. Give it a listen. You might even like what you hear.