Proliferation of digital devices, mobile platforms and applications means there is a dire need to move from traditional to new methods of marketing. The advantage with digital is that it gives marketers an opportunity for quicker response and customise your marketing messages for each consumer.

As a leader it is therefore essential to seize this opportunity to develop a fully customised, effective, and cost efficient strategic implementation of social media marketing. More than knowing the different tools, what is important is also to know major categories of social media tools, their uses, buy 100 real instagram followers
their value, and their R.O.I. This programme on digital marketing will equip you with tools and techniques to do a SWOT of your organisation’s digital marketing strategy to come up with an improved strategy.

Social Media Strategic Marketing

he Citation in Social Media Strategic Marketing has been designed to empower participants with the ability to think about social media in a strategic and innovative manner. Learners will be taught the skills needed to use available social media platforms, as well as to design, implement, and measure their instagram followers buy cheap social media impact within these platforms. With this knowledge, participants will have the opportunity to learn how marketing and branding strategies may be applied to these media to promote ideas and products, engage new and existing clients, and expand into new markets.

This program will be extremely beneficial for individuals in communications, marketing, human resources, and information technology. Other individuals who may find value in this program include small business owners, public officials, and others who desire to use social media to communicate with targeted audiences. The Citation in Social Media Strategic Marketing from the University of Alberta Faculty of Extension is a unique program that offers formalized training in social media knowledge and marketing strategy.