About Sutros

Sutros provides musicians with all the online tools they need to get their music heard. No matter what you play—from classical violin, to blues harmonica, to ehru or electronica—Sutros enables you to market and promote your music to a broad online audience of fans, music journalists, fellow musicians and prospective listeners.

By releasing your music on Sutros under a Creative Commons license, you keep a hold of your rights and initiate a conversation with listeners that will extend across the digital world. You can deliver your music with full, searchable credits for each song and also tell listeners a bit about yourself, the music you play, when they can hear you live and how they can get in touch with you. In turn, the community of listeners who visit Sutros can discover new artists and music, organize songs into playlists, download MP3s and communicate directly with musicians.

There's a whole world of music out there.
We want to hear it.

Share your music under a creative commons license, on Sutros