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Be sure to check the Help Center for your support issues. Here you'll find answers to our users' most frequently asked questions, and if you can't find what you're looking for, you can direct general questions to: support[at]

Specific Inquiries

Press If you would like to cover Sutros in the media, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information about our organization and our services: press[at]
Advertising If you would like to advertise on Sutros, you may submit your proposal to this address: ads[at] Please be aware that we limit our ads to products and services that pertain to musicians and music fans.
Copyright Questions about copyright will be promptly answered: copyright[at] If you would like to register a copyright infringement notice, first take a look at our copyright guidelines.
Privacy Issues Concerns about your privacy and security on Sutros should be sent to this address: privacy[at]
Suggestions Sometimes you just need to let it out. If you have a complaint about our service, and especially if you have an idea for how we can improve it, please write to us and let us know: suggestions[at]

Telephone and Post

Please send all snail mail to the address below.

Sutros LLC
2144 Garfield Street,
Detroit MI, 48207

Or you could send us an email at tim - at -