Sutros On Your Site

No matter what you're up to online—be it a school website, a blog, a social network page or just about anything else—there are many ways to include music ,and create add great content to your site. Since all songs are published under the creative commons license, you allowed to legally add music to your website or blog! By embedding songs from Sutros, you'll keeps your visitors engaged and allow them to hear exactly what you're writing about. Also, you'll invite readers and users of your site, blog or page into contact with the Sutros community and the musicians it serves.

From simple audio embeds to our full API, you can integrate music from Sutros at all levels of technical know-how. Here are some of the ways of integrating Sutros audio content:

Add a song to your blog or website.

1. Go to the HTML edit site for your blog entry or page.  
2. Next, go to the profile page for the song you want and look for the "Embed" box at the top of the page. You can copy the HTML code that's there into your Web page and an embedded audio player will be created. The song will play within your site when a user clicks the "Play" button.

This is what the player will look like on your site. As you can tell, the song info, as well as the artist info will be included in the player!

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APIs and User Engagement

If you're a music geek and a regular geek, and you know it, send a shout out to Leif[at]