Upload your music to Facebook.

if you are a musician and would like to share your music using facebook, there are only a few options, most of which are pretty bad. We took the time to come up with a simple solution that lets you easily add a song post to ANY facebook account. you can post it to your wall, you can even post it to someone else's wall, or even on a Facebook fan page.

here is what it looks like in Facebook.

There are two ways to to this.

1. you go to a song you uploaded on Sutros and click on the "Add to Facebook button". From there, it will either ask you to sign in

you can add extra text, and it simply shows up, ready to play!

This is what the the songs look like on Sutros, just click the Post to Facebook button

2. The second way to post something up on Sutros is to add a link on a facebook page. You can put this on your profile, on a fan page, or even on a friends page. Once you add the URL to the post, the song will automatically show up in the feed!

Here is how you get the Permalink from the Sutros site. You go to a song page, and there you will find the part that says song information:

And then you simply paste that into Facebook like that: