Sell Your Music

Thanks so much for contributing your music to Sutros!
Now, let's see if we can help you make some money. As we see it, there are two main reasons why Sutros users will choose to purchase your songs online:

1. Your music is valuable. Many listeners choose to support artists by buying their music. And coming out to shows. And buying the T-shirt. And forming the members-only fan club....
2. Listeners want to hear more. Some artists figure that it makes sense to release just a few songs on Sutros for promotional purposes. That way, listeners can get a sense of their music and are encouraged to purchase other songs or full albums elsewhere.

That said, we're not in the retail business. When it comes to selling your music on the Web, we want to help you help yourself. We recommend the services provided by the good folks at TuneCore. They'll get your music up for sale all over the place, including big online retailers such as iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon MP3, eMusic, Sony Connect, MusicNet and Napster—and you'll keep a hold of your rights and any money from the sale or use of your music, with no obligation to them.