Hi I am a locksmith and I regularly post podcasts about home security techniques and tips. Here is a transcription of a recent episode I recorded.

"Evidently it is a part of life that possibly us or someone we know have been burglarized. This type of crime will always happen and this is especially the way it is when people are going through hard times. If we acknowledge the reality that we can be robbed at anytime, we need to make every effort to make it as difficult as possible. You can safeguard yourself in many ways if you are not able to afford a home security system. In this article we intend to look at several of the ways you can discourage burglars and keep your valuables safe.

The occasion that your residence is most likely to be burglarized happens when you go on a trip for a few days or more. If you do take off for a length of time, let your neighbors know and ask if they can monitor it. It is likely you need to leave a contact number in the event something were to happen. You'll be able to install timers that turn on the lights at a certain time to give the impression that people are at home. Timers can also be employed for other electrical devices such as a radio for instance and that will generate some noise in the house which all adds to the illusion of your home being occupied.

Should you install motion lights and a dog barking mechanism, it can draw attention to anyone stepping on the property in a quiet neighborhood. It is also a good idea to carefully hide your important documents and valuables so anyone peeking inside would not be tempted to break into your home. You'll want to keep your valuables in a safe box.

The most effective way to ensure that someone will not likely break in is if your home is very visible at the front of the house and difficult to access from the back of the house. If the front of your home is uncovered, people can see anyone walking on to the premises. At the rear of the home, you should have secured fences and thorny shrubbery to make it hard for someone to jump over. If you place a warning on the outside of the fence that you have shielded your property, then hopefully this will persuade any criminal that your home is not the one they should attempt to burgle.

As we discussed that even if you cannot afford to have an advanced home alarm system, you can still protect your home from burglary."

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