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Bolo of Jaya!

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********One day I decided to listen to a bunch of my husbands old cassettes we had in a box. What I found were a collection of songs most of which I had never heard. I was so touched by what I heard, I was often brought to tears of delight. My intention became to preserve these recordings and create a way to share them so others could enjoy them as much as I had, rather than have them sit on a shelf unheard. So, I learned how to digitalize, equalize and make these songs into CD Albums. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Tim Nutt who founded, for thoughtfully creating such a user friendly site. He is making it possible for "undiscovered" talent to find it's way to the public at large... And for paving the way for Musicians to get full royalties in which they so rightly deserve. Thank you for listening and helping to support artists around the world... Music makes the world go round and around the world it goes. Each song is like a LOVE BALL! If you like what you hear... Please, PLAY IT FORWARD!!!

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Jesus met the woman at the well
And he told her, everything that she'd done, that she'd done... One of my favorites too. Just loved this song a lot.

K&K Floor - Different Methods of Installing a Bamboo Floor
14 Sep 2012

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