How To Dye artificial Wigs – twenty seven Step By Step Guide

Many women like to wear artificial lace wigs that of recent has become a fashion trend. It makes a fashion statement after you get a lace wig, and you must be able to choose from a range of colours. however what if you're unable to seek out your alternative color? It happens usually, and in cases like this, you'll value more highly to contact the makers of the wig. If it happens you're unable to come back the hair, otherwise you area unit simply uninterested in its plain previous color, then you'll amendment it by dying it to any color of your alternative.

Dying artificial wigs imply a special approach from dying human hair. Human hair holds pigments whereas artificial wig doesn't. this can be owing to the man-made fiber makeup of the hair. Regular hair dyes can not be used on artificial wigs—an general or cloth dye is usually recommended instead. whereas winding up the dying, it's to be ensured that the colour doesn't are available contact with the lace and precise directions ought to be followed to confirm it’s being done right.

dye artificial wigs

What you would like to organize
Hair clips
Wig Stand
A surgical mask
Old Newspapers
A flat plastic comb
Nail Polish Remover
Old unwanted garments
1 lightweight coloured wig for dying
A Small Flat Dish/Tray for the dye
1 COPIC Marker Refill Ink in desired color
1 COPIC Marker Refill Ink in desired lightness color
A try of surgical (latex or rubber) gloves
2 square / Rectangular Sponges, (any can do, as long because it features a flat edge)
While dying artificial hair it's sometimes suggested to possess all the proper materials to confirm the method goes comparatively swimmingly. Stains will be avoided by sporting previous garments and covering the operating areas with previous newspapers. a number of the materials required could embrace rubber gloves, face masks—to limit inhalation of dye chemicals, artificial dyestuff. Also, artificial hair coloring brush and plastic bowl for intermixture the dye. a good tooth plastic comb will be used at the side of or in situ of the artificial hair coloring brush to confirm even distribution of the dye color on the hair throughout the drying method.

Steps By Steps
Gather the items You’ll want, listed below.
Change into your previous consumer goods, just in case of staining.
Find a well-ventilated however not overly windy space.
Lay newspapers on the operating surfaces of your furnishings and floor.
Set up your Wig Stand on a dry, newspaper-covered, flat and stable place.
Place your Wig on the Stand.
Put on your Gloves and Mask.
Squeeze regarding 5ml of Blue Marker Ink onto a dish.
Lightly dip one flat fringe of the sponge into the ink, ensuring that it's soaked up a moderate quantity.
Lift an approximate 2″(5cm) width of hair starting directly from the root of the parting with the forefinger and middle finger of your less dominant hand.
You should solely be holding a skinny high layer of the hair.
Pretend your fingers area unit scissors and you've got to chop the hair. you'll quite naturally position your two fingers parallel to your lips.
Place the inked sponge edge at the roots, on top of wherever you're holding and slowly slide each the sponge and your fingers TOWARDS yourself.
As you reach the tip of the hair length, gently curl your gliding joint removed from you together with your thumb bit by bit facing the ground whereas maintaining the position of your fingers.
The back of your hand is currently facing you, which works sort of a support for the sponge to paint all the thanks to the ideas.
Repeat throughout the complete wig.
Clip up the finished parts, in order that they are doing not hinder where you're operating with at the instant.
It is best to revolve the wig stand, in order that the parts you're acting on face you, instead of you rising everywhere the place to succeed in AN uncolored spot.
Squeeze a lot of ink as you would like on the means.
Take the opposite clean sponge and a replacement dish.
Use the Darker Blue ink to grant the hair ‘low lights’.
This is to form some depth, in order that your wig won't seem like a pile of flat coloured plastic.
Use the Darker Blue slenderly.
Follow identical technique therefore as to not do it.
The ink ought to dry quite quickly.
Leave the wig intent on air for two to three days.
Dispose of used materials in line with your space rules.
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Failure to wear protecting masks and rubber gloves would mean inhalation and get in touch with with harsh chemicals. The dying method ought to be allotted in an exceedingly well-ventilated area to avoid excessive contact with the dye chemicals. once shopping for artificial hair, it's suggested to travel for the product with strands distributed equally throughout the hair piece. conjointly note that once dying artificial hair, the first color to an oversized degree determines the result. White or blonde artificial hair is kind of simple to dye to abundant darker colours. however dark artificial hair can not be unreal to a lighter or white color.

If for any reason, you're uncomfortable with coloring your wig, irrespective of what style of wig it's, you must be at liberty to go to an expert lace front wig stylist to urge it done. several wigs makers suggest returning the wig to urge it unreal professionally owing to the natural process allotted within the production of those wigs. Damaging your wig whereas dying truly, means that having to urge a replacement one.