Gone are the days when the slot games are limited to only land based casinos, only with 3 reels and almost all have the same themes. Today there are tons of themed slot games featuring Superheroes, animals, sports, fruits, movies and so much more. It also have different paylines from 5 to 25, some are even 50 100 paylines. You can also play without using your hands with the auto-play feature which is in all online slot machines. With all the features of online slots, which is the best online slot machine features with nice payouts that we should look for?

The feature is the free slots demo. Playing with the demo like free slots 777, although not giving you any payout, it can help you make or improve your current strategy. Learning the games features first before you bet for real money is the most recommended way of playing online slot games. If done right, it can take you to the big payouts that you are looking for. Next, the high RTP feature. This one is the feature responsible for the payouts of the slot machines. The higher the rtp rate the better to play for real. It is one of the most sought feature of most players online.

And lastly, the mobile compatibility feature of the slot game. The mobile slot betting application is the new trend in playing this game. There are many people who download app for slot games because it is much convenient to play. No matter where they like, they can access their favorite titles and play for free or real money with just a single tap of a button. These are the features that you should look for. Play slot games now, they are much interesting and gives big payouts. Join this website and get a welcome bonus 20% and join the huge promotion offers.