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Sweet Music.

Mike B of Union Pier
03 Feb 2009
What's up Kyler ! I think the world just got smaller by 1/2. :) So glad to hear your music !
06 Feb 2009
Impressive !!, that made me remember the times I used to listen to country music and Reba McEntire, as well as Brooks and Dunn and Shania Twain. I love this style of music. Loved the backing vocals to, sweet duo...
02 Mar 2009
Kyler, I would love to remix this track if possible, would you mind sending me the stems of the lyrics and if possible, any midi files? This track is special to me as it came in a very bright moment of my life. Thanks a lot.
13 Mar 2009
beautiful piece of work. Hope you don't mind me saying this but reminds me of Suzanne Vega's first album, still one of my favourites. Excellent lyric too. Hey I'm a fan.
12 Apr 2009
really great music! You have a great voice, and an interesting story to tell!! :)
10 Nov 2009

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