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ELEKTRABAND "Дотянуться до звезд" (2013)

Новый независимый лейбл Vibe&Gruvin представляет свой первый релиз - третий альбом питерского "космик-pop" проекта ELEKTRABAND - "Дотянуться до звезд".
Третий альбом, также как и два предыдущих альбома ELEKTRABAND - "Космический Funk" и "Супермузыка", записан при помощи винтажных аналоговых инструментов, что делает звук по истине насыщенным, настоящим и правильным. Новый альбом, однако, задумывался более танцевальным, чем предыдущие - здесь винтажная электроника грамотно соединена с модными ритмами в стиле Nu Disco.

Стильно, качественно, искренно, молодежно. Безусловно, один из лучших русскоязычных альбомов года.
Альбом "Дотянуться до звезд" доступен на ITunes, Яндекс-музыке и других популярных музыкальных порталах.

Ваши, Vibe&Gruvin

4 октября 2013 года

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FireFlower was established in Kielce, Poland in November 2008 when the guitarist Kuba put forward an indecent proposal to join his band to a girl who just won her free pizza in a local karaoke competition. At the beginning the band consisted of 6 members: 2 guitarists - Kuba and Tomasz, bassist Jacek, drummer Piotr, pianist Mateusz and a vocalist Justyna, however when Mateusz left the band the gothic-like piano section was replace by a more modern electronic background.

The band’s very first success dates back to June 2009 when FireFlower was voted the best hard rock/ heavy metal band of the Muzyczne Scyzoryki Kielce music festival, before the band actually debuted on stage! Rainy days of October 2009 they spent sheltered in a recording studio. Having recorded 7-track EP they started to apply for music festivals all over the country and in a meantime they came back to the practice room to compose and practice
more and more.

Year 2010 brought many festivals and concerts. FireFlower was picked the best band of the Rock na Murawie music festival for unsigned bands in Jaworzyna Śląska, PL, as well as the vocalist was chosen the best voice of the festival. Summer 2010 was no less prosperous. The band was voted the best hard rock/metal band of the Muzyczne Scyzoryki again, making it twice in a raw. The band gained solid local and foreign fan base not only due to the constant appearance in the local media, but also through the internet social networks and thanks to the cooperation with the British podcast radio station Music Not For The Masses as well as the participation in the international on-line music festival The Peoples Music Awards (based in London) in which they made their way to the semi-final in the Indie/Rock/Metal/Punk category. Some of the band’s songs were also included in a compilation albums “Scyzorykomania” (Muzyczne Scyzoryki festival album) and “Shadow Places: Selected Tracks From The Darker Side” published by

2011 was marked by a hard studio work and more concerts. The result of the former was a self-produced long play “Welcome” released in February 2012. The premiere of the album was combined with the release of their first official music video for the song “Unsatisfied”. The music they present in their album is a vivid mixture of hard rock, pop and metal – all tinged with an electronic background and surmounted by a charismatic and unique female vocal. All the lyrics are written in English in order to be apprehended worldwide. Just like a burning flower – the band combines the power of flames and the delicacy of blossom within.